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What’s the difference?
Aesthetically, nothing at all!
Both are in brand new condition.

However, sometimes during the production process, it’s natural to get a few minor imperfections, and rather than write these pieces off as unlovable, we thought it would be more eco-friendly to provide you with 2 options:

Option 1 - To opt for the ORIGINAL at full price

Option 2 - To enjoy 20% OFF if you don’t mind a tiiny invisible snap flaw
With this option, one of the cargo pocket flaps is a little more challenging to snap open and shut than the other. That’s it! Everything else is the same and you'll notice no visible differences. So unless you’re planning on treating this one chest pocket as your purse, it can easily be left open or closed, and you have the other fully functional cargo pocket, as well as hand pockets, to play with :)