Reimagining Canadian Winter

Growing up, we loved being out in the snow, and a big part of that experience was the anticipation we felt as we bundled up in our coziest winter gear, about to brave the cold. We didn't think twice about the down that filled our coats. It kept us warm and people all around us were wearing it, so as far as we were concerned, it was normal. And when it came to real vs synthetic fur, we thought the difference was a matter of quality, nothing more.

We couldn’t be more wrong. When we finally got a glimpse into how fur and down were sourced, there was nothing normal about it. As lifelong animal lovers, we couldn’t turn a blind eye to the cruel practices involved, let alone support them with the badge on our sleeves.

Still, we couldn't find a vegan winter coat that performed like the leading outerwear brands while also suiting our fashion sense.

So we started For All Kind with a mission in mind: to bridge the gap between style, performance and compassion, by designing the most uncompromising animal-free parkas — ones you'll not only love to wear, but proudly rep.

Our insulation: PrimaLoft Gold

We felt that premium quality insulation with an environmental conscience was essential to a piece of vegan outerwear worth investing in. PrimaLoft Gold checked all the boxes.

Originally developed in the 1980s to serve the needs of the US military through variable environmental conditions, PrimaLoft is now globally recognized as the leading supplier of sustainable synthetic down.

Using a patented microfiber blend technology, the insulation not only mimics the lightweight thermal and compressional properties of down in dry conditions, but also effectively retains heat in wet conditions unlike its traditional counterpart.

Why faux fur?

While we know that some people may have mixed feelings about faux fur, for those of us more sensitive to the cold or living in harsher weather conditions, it helps better protect us by blocking more wind and snow.

Many of us have grown accustomed to this feature, so forgoing it may feel like a lesser experience. But our intention is to make opting for a cruelty-free alternative feel less like a sacrifice and more like we have something to gain. We believe this is crucial for more people to make the switch.

And the reality is that as long as people are still buying real fur, we believe the best thing we can do as a business is to offer a compassionate alternative that looks and feels just as good, if not better.

That being said, for those with an aversion to even faux, we also design pieces with no fur at all, and hope that as we expand our offerings, there will be something for everyone.


While there are many wonderful certification systems out there to help businesses reduce their environmental impact, a couple of the more renowned ones that we like to look out for and work with as frequently as possible are bluesign® and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. The bluesign® system is based on five principles, including resource productivity, consumer safety, water emission, air emission, and occupational health & safety.

Awarded only to the most stringent compliance with their criteria and environmental standards, PrimaLoft was the very first brand of insulation to ever become a certified partner. Given that this is such a significant and recurring component of our product, we find comfort in knowing that all the insulation we choose from PrimaLoft is bluesign® approved.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® on the other hand regulates several hundred harmful substances to enable businesses and consumers to make safer and more environmentally friendly decisions, so we source almost all of our hardware and trims from certified suppliers like YKK and Prym.

All of our packaging is eco-friendly, and when it comes to our textiles, we do the best we can to source sustainably given what viable options are available to us. At this scale, however, there is only so much we can do without compromising your experience, and the most sustainable thing we can do is create a long-lasting product that you’ll love and wear for many years to come.

We're in this together

We are firm believers that supporting a cause is not about doing it perfectly or not at all, but about doing what we can, however big or small, and creating a collective impact on the world around us.

With that, no matter what brought you here, we're honoured to have you on this journey with us and look forward to growing together.

Kind Regards,
The For All Kind Team