made with vegan materials

All of our materials are carefully hand selected and cruelty-free. We fill our coats with PrimaLoft Gold Insulation, the highest performing synthetic and sustainable down on the market, and source only the finest faux furs to bring you uncompromising style, quality and warmth.


Life is busy. We do our best to make more conscious decisions, but often our well-intentioned search for alternatives involves a lot of scrolling or weighing of options that may not quite deliver the same experiences we’re used to. During those times, it can feel like we're needing to give some things up, or tempted to stick with what we know, even if what we know no longer aligns with our values. For All Kind exists to bridge those disconnects. We want to create products you can fall in love with and feel good about, in one seamless experience.

We source leading vegan materials, work with highly specialized factories and obsess over the details, to bring you the best possible experience, cruelty-free. And rather than follow the popular fashion cycle of refreshing products every few months or weeks, we pride ourselves on offering a concise collection of timeless vegan wardrobe staples — this means quality over quantity through investment-worthy pieces that are kinder both to animals and to our planet.